They Are Making Bowls.

Scott County Children Creating Bowls for the Hungry.

One of the best parts of Empty Bowls is the chance to come together with our Scott County community and see our kids making bowls to give and share!  

They make bowls. Not just any bowls, either. They make bowls that, during the month of April, will be filled with soup. The event is called Empty Bowls, and it’s a way these young artists are working to end a growing problem in Scott County with childhood hunger.

The value to the attendees is well worth the donation. Attendees get to choose their own bowls out of the many lovingly made, glazed, and fired by these young artists who are recruited for this event. Their masterpieces will support the cause of feeding many hungry children.

These unique bowls will be given to you for your gift and participation!

Through these funds, we have the opportunity give to our community. SCOTT COUNTY COMMUNITY will benefit greatly through the EMPTY BOWLS Event

To sign up for this opportunity, Please Contact Us Here.