About Us

Mission and Background

Families & Individuals Sharing Hope, or FISH, has been formed in Scott County with a mission to partner together to meet human need so that individuals will be able to live healthy, transformed lives.

When your organization doesn’t have immediate access to the necessary resources to help someone who is in need, the FISH Partner Network is your answer.

Our FISH Partner Network works togther to connect needs, tackle issues, and build our capacity to assist those in crisis.

Through our FISH Partner Network our partners have another tool to help them in fulfilling their own organizational mission.

The FISH concept may be simple but just ask someone who is in crisis, the life problems of those in need are not.

Who are we?

FISH Partners are representatives of the Faith Community, local government and education entities, service organizations and nonprofits, and businesses which serve Scott County residents and agree that by partnering together we can meet human need in our community.

Back row from left to right: Tom Christie, Sherriff Luke Hennen,  Commissioner Jon Ulrich, Adam Johnson

Front row from left to right:  Suzanne Arntson, Jane Wiley, Bailey Shanley, Terry Hassan, Jake Johnston

Not pictured: Commissioner Dave Beer, Sarah Gavert