Volunteer Opportunities – How You Can Help
Location: Hosanna! Church Shakopee
Date: March 8, 2018 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Jon Ulrich, FISH Board Chair, 61 people to the presentation. He gave an overview of FISH and let people know
that a new website is coming soon. FISH stories were shared and recognition was given to Ryan Schneider
from the SMSC Community Center, who is taking a new job with the White Earth Band of Ojibwe and will no
longer serve on the FISH board.

Cara Madsen, Scott County Volunteer and Community Coordinator, grew up volunteering. Her most recent
experience outside of her duties with Scott County was to help interview the 10,000 volunteers for the Super
Bowl. Each person was interviewed for 10 minutes. Minnesota had 96% of the Super Bowl volunteers show
up for their shifts, contrasted with Houston which only had 68% of their volunteers show up in 2017.
Minnesota is the #2 state for volunteering (Utah is #1). Midwest states are always among the top five.
Volunteers want to keep busy. The elderly population is increasing and need help with shoveling and minor
home repairs. Scott County has 1,600 volunteers in their database, with 500 active in a month. Most
volunteers used to be retired people but now they are getting micro-volunteers who want to be involved in a
single project on a short-term basis. Last year the Scott County Library has an inventory project which would
have taken them a year to complete with existing staff. A group of 22 volunteers completed the project in
three months. Millennials are a good fit for skills-based volunteering. Cara had college students recently help
revamp her PowerPoint presentation. Another group helped build up land to prevent erosion on Sand Creek.
This year there will be a seeking project in the Elko New Market area which will require 100 volunteers. There
is always a need for volunteer drivers. Right now Cara is looking for a sign language interpreter to accompany
someone who wants to take a craft class. Mentors are needed for Health and Human Services clients. Let’s
Go Fishing is looking for volunteers to accompany elderly and disabled individuals on a pontoon on Cedar Lake
this summer. More information is available on the Scott County website (www.scottcountymn.gov) and click
“get involved”. Other volunteer opportunities were presented by the following organizations:

  • St. Gertrude’s Health & Rehabilitation Center (Alex Wangen)
    • Help with bingo, nail care, visits, monthly calendars
  • Allina Hospice (Tricia Scott)
    • Help patients and families; respite services for at-home care; visits in facilities
  • Scott County Historical Society (Kathy Klehr)
    • Research on ball teams and sports in the county; writing articles; working in the collections;
      garden maintenance
  • CAP (Jackie Lara)
    • Home-delivered meals; food shelf drivers; assist at food shelf; sorting at the thrift shop; chore
  • Smart Link Transit (Stacy Finlon)
    • Dial-A-Ride buses can’t provide all rides; 2,800 denials for scheduled rides last year; 2,000
      provided by volunteer drivers; introduced Maria who coordinates volunteers and Doug who is a
      volunteer driver. Doug likes the flexible hours, staying active and meeting people.
  • Joni & Friends International Disability Center (Jane Palmer)
    • Christian disability ministry; collecting wheelchairs and need individuals to pick up wheelchairs
      and take to the airport to load onto a truck; need families and groups to help at a five-day
      respite retreat for families dealing with a disability
  • Southwest Metro Intermediate District 288 (Jennifer Hennes)
    • Provide GED and ELL (English Language Learners) classes; need volunteers to assist in
  • Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (Kristin Gilbert)
    • Families Moving Forward working with 30 Scott and Carver County congregations; looking for
      more congregations; volunteers to conduct tours of Beacon housing; meet with legislators
      regarding housing; training provided at Beacon Academy
  • Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women (Martha Molnau)
    • Crisis Line volunteers on weekends (training April 7); Spanish speaking individuals; facilitation
      for support groups in Chaska and Shakopee; court advocates
  • Sexual Violence Center (BethAnne Nelson Stolp)
    • Volunteers for Crisis Line – need 40 hours of training; court coverage; support victims at
      hospital ER’s; support groups (also in jails and prison); speakers at schools
  • RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Program (Corrie Custer)
    • Senior program for 55 and older; partners with organizations; volunteers receive travel
      reimbursement, supplemental insurance, support from RSVP staff
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center (Dawn Trnka)
    • Need volunteers to cover the main desk, push wheelchairs, help in the surgical waiting room,
      Eucharist Ministry and pet therapy
  • FISH (Bethany Tjornhom)
    • Looking for volunteers to serve on our committees: Fundraising, Partner Relations, Marketing
      and Program.


Coming Events:

  • 2nd Harvest food distribution on the second Thursday of each month (except August) at Friendship
    Church in Prior Lake – 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Scott County Community Development Agency has programs for people facing foreclosure and first
    time homebuyers. Call their office (952 402 9022) for more information.
  • Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women has their Jeans and Gems fundraiser on April 27. Flyer is
    posted on the FISH website.
  • Scott County Historical Society has Kids Craft, All Things Minnesota book club. See
    www.scottcountyhistory.org for details.
  • Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church hosting Feed My Starving Children March 21-24. See flyer on
    FISH website for details.
  • The next FISH meeting will be Thursday, April 12 at 9:30 a.m. at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
    in Prior Lake. Speaker will be Gospel Kordah, Appreciating Life’s Challenges.


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