Help Furnish a New Apartment

In need of a full or queen sized bed, vacuum, mops and brooms, cleaning buckets with supplies, can openers, food storage containers, shower curtain with liner and hooks, coffee maker, tv, laundry baskets/hampers, etc. Two of our clients are moving into their new homes...

Paint by Numbers

A teenager with severe mental health needs (depression, anxiety) that has been struggling even more during COVID-19, but she has identified that expressing her creativity through painting and make-up tutorials is helping her cope. I would love to get her a gift...

Fishing Rod Needed

A young man, 18 years old, with serious mental health struggles. We have discussed ways to for him to get out of his home and enjoy nature and be outdoors more. When we discussed his interests, he remembered that he has loved to go fishing, but his rod was broken and...

Winter Coat

A lady is financially unable to purchase a winter coat at this time. She is looking for a women's coat size 2XL. She is new to the area, short of cash and currently looking for a job.

3-4 Bedroom Home for Rent

This family is being evicted from their current home and is in need of a new 3-4 bedroom rental home/townhouse in Scott County with a monthly rent of $1300 or less. Once child support begins, the Mom will be able to afford up to $1300/mo for rent.

Dental Work in Jordan

A Jordan resident is on a fixed income and in need of a crown. In the past, she has had teeth pulled because the cost to repair her teeth was beyond her means. In an effort to preserve her current teeth, the resident's mother charged her credit card for a root canal....

Driving Lessons and Laptop

Single mom of two children who have disabilities needs another driving lesson in order to get her driver’s license and find work while her children are in school.  She is currently studying to be a nurse and a laptop would help with her studies.